Coalition of 100 Black Women
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ABC's of Sound 
         Chapter Operations

Bold, Creative and Strategic Approaches

Each chapter shall be required to pay annual dues to the National Coalition. Such annual dues shall consist of an annual chapter fee and per member fee. The permember fee shall be based on the total membership of the chapter. Chapters shall maintain a minimum of 25 members. These fees and the minimum membership are two criteria for good standing.

Article III-Members
Section 1 (c) -- Chapters

All chapter dues, consisting of chapter and per member fees, shall be due and payable no later than October 1 of each year. Chapter dues are delinquent on November 1 of each year. The board of Directors shall assess a late fee to any chapter that has not paid dues by October 31 of any given year. The late fee may be waived by the board upon receipt of a written request from a chapter that shows good cause, as prescribed by the Policies and Procedures Manual.

Article III-Members
Section 1 (e) - Chapters

What Does It Mean To Be In "Good Standing" Status?

The chapter is eligible to seat a delegate at the Biennial Conference. Such status affords the chapter's delegate the rights and privileges to participate in the business sessions of the national convention, such as voting privileges to elect national officers, approve/disapprove Bylaw changes and approve/disapprove proposed national resolutions.